American citizens can travel to Cuba legally

General Licenses Issued by OFAC to travel to Cuba

  1. Professional research or attending professional meetings directly relating to the traveler’s profession, professional background, or area of expertise. Professional research can include making a documentary film.  (515.564)
  2. Educational activities for college, university and secondary school faculty, staff, students, and chaperones. Academic research specifically relating to Cuba and for the purpose of a graduate or undergraduate degree.Faculty and staff can visit Cuba independently to research and prepare for student trips. Note: This generally requires a formal course of study, so just taking Spanish lessons wouldn’t qualify. This category also includes non-academic people to people travel (515.565)
  3. Religious organizations, and their members and staff who are engaging in a full-schedule of religious activities (515.566)
  4. Support for the Cuban people by human rights organizations, independent organizations, individuals, and NGOs. (515.574)
  5. Journalistic activities for journalists who are employed by news reporting organizations or supporting broadcast or technical personnel or freelance journalist with a record of previous experience who is working on a journalistic project. (515.563)
  6. Visiting a relative or family member in Cuba, or the relative of someone you live with as family, or accompanying a close family member that is traveling under 515.562 (official government business), 515.563 (journalistic activity), 515.564(a) (professional research), 515.565(a)(1) through (4) and (6) (educational activities), 515.566 (religious activities), 515.575 (humanitarian projects), or 515.576 (activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes) (515.561)
  7. Humanitarian projects such as medical or health related projects, construction projects, environmental projects, formal or non-formal educational training, etc. (515.575)
  8. Participation in public performances, clinics, workshops, exhibitions, and athletic and other competitions. (515.567)
  9. Business visits for exportation and importation of telecommunications and internet hardware and services, and exportation of agricultural products. (515.545)
  10. Activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes. (515.576)
  11. Official business of government employees and organizations (515.562)
  12. Export: Travel to Cuba is permitted for some authorized export transactions. (515.533)

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