a US based Destination Management Company that specializes only in Cuba as a destination

Sagua Services and Travel Inc. is a Destination Management Company that operate the Cuba destination for American market, providing American all the products and services that they may need in the destination. We have a team of professionals with more than twenty years of experience in the travel industry in Cuba destination which makes it possible for us to design, implement and supervise tours tailored to the needs of each and every one of our clients, all of which results in their full satisfaction



Our specialists will receive your needs and requirements, analyze them with the care that this deserves and provide you with the best options of services in destination.





All the expertise of our specialists will be put in place to create an itinerary tailored to your expectations. Each accommodation, transfer, food and activity will be carefully designed to meet each one of your expectations.



Our operations coordination team will request, follow-up and confirm each activity planned in your program. Your itinerary will be carefully booked and confirmed before your departure giving you the guarantee of the execution of the service that you deserve.


Once at the destination you will never be alone. Our representatives in the destination will supervise each one of your services, and will offer you personalized assistance 24 hours a day.



More than 30 years of experience, specializing in travel to and from the United States

Grupo Empresarial Palco
Grupo Empresarial Palco
Events Professional Organization

Grupo Empresarial Palco is a leading holding company in the professional organization of Congresses, Events, Fairs and Exhibitions, the rent of spaces for all these activities, as well as any other type of activities of large and small format. With more than 30 years of experience organizing all kind of events in Cuba, Grupo Empresarial Palco has a Convention Center that has 11 air-conditioned rooms, modernly equipped, with simultaneous interpretation and advanced technology in audiovisual media; it also has the largest exhibition centers in the country, as well as an entire infrastructure that allows them to provide transportation, lodging, customs, and printing of graphic arts services.

Cuban Medical Services Marketing Company, S.A
Cuban Medical Services Marketing Company, S.A
Medical Events and Professional Services

The Cuban Medical Services Marketing Company, S.A. (CSMC, S.A., by its acronyms in Spanish) offer comprehensive service Scientific Events and Professional Services associated with medical and health services in the island and abroad. The Academic Services modality acquires in the current portfolio of services of the entity a wide hierarchy, according to the quality and the position that Cuba has gained in the general and specialized educational areas. To the most contemporary experiences are added the traditional with all the knowledge and competence that have been accumulating since the end of the nineteenth century, as a lucid contribution of a robust professional sector. As part of its management, the entity also articulates and coordinates the specialized services of the research medical centers and institutions in the country, which are moving forward in the technological, investigative and teaching platform that supports their benefits and the quality of care that distinguishes them.

Cubadeportes S.A.
Cubadeportes S.A.
Sport products and services

Cubadeportes S.A is the entity with exclusive rights to market the products and services related to the Sport System in Cuba. Their success and professionalism characterizes the work of more than 20 years that prestige the Cuban sport internationally. They offer technical assistance; organization of sportive events in Cuba, coordination of training camps and specialized teacher courses. They also provide Training, Counseling and Training abroad services in 40 sports disciplines.

Travel Agency

Paradiso is a Cultural Travel Agency that provides access to participation in events and festivals, workshops and courses, taught by prestigious professors, specialists and personalities of Cuban culture. They organize programs of activities in different cultural expressions, visits to museums, night activities and cultural and academic services to travelers. It facilitates the participation in pre and postgraduate studies, training, masters, doctorates and other educational actions related to culture.